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About Us

DTH can be defined as:

  • The Reception of satellite programmers with a personal dish at individual home.

  • DTH does not require the local cable operator and put the broadcaster directly in touch with the consumer.

  • DTH Stand’s for Direct to home television.


Aastha Enterprises becomes a trusted name in Sales and Services

The company has established operations in the Mohali, Kharar and Chandigarh city and looks forward to move into other strategic markets with a commitment to become a truly global company. Aastha Enterprises is committed to quality work and confident to meet the challenging demands of customers.Aastha Enterprises has technically qualified and well experienced persons head all the sectors of sales and services. Experienced supervisors, market research team and skilled technicians/operators.

Our Vision:

Aastha Enterprises vision is to enrich the lives of their customers. Their obsession is to win customers for life through an exceptional experience.

Our Mission:

Hunger to win customers for life.

Our Values:

Aastha enterprises aim to work towards their vision, driven by their values of AIR - Alive, Inclusive & Respectful.


Aastha Enterprises is alive to the needs of their customers. They act with passion, energy and a can-do attitude to help their customers realize their dreams. Innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit drives them - if it can’t be done, they’ll find a way.


Aastha Enterprises is for everyone - diversity, recognizing the breadth and depth of the communities they serve. They work with them, anticipating, adapting and delivering solutions that enrich their lives. They do this by having an open mind and embracing change.


They live the same lives as their customers, sharing the same joys and the same pains. They never forget that customers are why they exist. They act with due humility, always open and honest, to achieve mutual respect.


24/7 Customer Support

Aastha Enterprises provide 24*7 customer support for our potential and existing customers.

Signal Probelms

Aastha Enterprises provides you handy guide which will help you to fix simple signal probelms.

Remote Control

Airtel Digital TV Remote help you to experience the magic of universal remote to watch TV using single remote control.

New Dish Installation

Aastha Enterprises workers will mount your dish and install whole system and we will provide you demo on how to use it.

Customer Re-locate

Aastha Enterprises offers digital TV relocation services. Call Us and enjoy quick transfer of your digital TV connection to any city.

Shifting Within Premises

Aastha Enterprises provides relocation services within same premises with existing digital TV connection.

Airtel digital TV Devices

Portfolio 1

Standard Definition Plus (SD+)

  • Pause /Record/Rewind

  • Schedule Future Recordings

  • Series/Infinite Recording

  • Universal Remote

  • Power-Failure Resume

Portfolio 1

High Definition plus (HD+)

  • Pause /Record/Rewind

  • 5x Picture Clarity( Full HD)

  • Dolby Digital Plus Surround Sound

  • Universal Remote

  • Series Recording

Portfolio 1

HD Digital Video Recording

  • High Definition/Mobile Recording

  • 3D ready/Dolby digital plus

  • Easy Series/Internet Recording

  • HDMI/Recording management

  • 750 Hours of Recording Capacity

Portfolio 1

Airtel Internet Digital TV

  • Clear Picture Clarity 4K

  • Dolby Atmos Audio

  • Play Pause Live TV Channels

  • Wi-Fi Feature/Connect Bluetooth

  • Download Apps Google Play Store

Why airtel digital TV?